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F-Droid : the best alternative for Google play store

F-droid , Application Android , play store , apps doesn't exist in play store

We all know Google play store , actually , Google play store is the most famous android application store in the world , it contains a large database of  useful and non useful application  too , that can really help us improve our android device to be the best , but also Google play store contains some of non useful applications , in fact , Google play store doesn't have most of  helpful android apps , regardless to the policy of Google sharing apps , most helpful apps doesn't exist in Google play store . 

What is F-Droid ?

According to the official website of F-Droid app : " F-Droid is an installable catalogue of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device. " ... , in other word , F-Droid is an Application that contain a very large database of open source application that never exist in play store , if play store policy prevent Hacking application , Open Source application , Deep world application .. than F-Droid present those applications for download for free and safe .

F-droid , Application Android , play store , apps doesn't exist in play store

What kind of Applications exist in F-Droid store ? 

F-Droid : the best alternative for Google play store: i already installed F-Droid in my android device , and i will tell you all the advantages of F-Droid , the most applications that exist in F-Droid are Deep world Application , such as D-SPLOIT apps that can hack wireless networks , and also FaceSniff that can spoof facebook accounts of people who connected to the same protocole ( network ) , not only hacking apps , also some wierd apps , like Manga reading apps , and some application of some famous website lie 4Chan app and 7Chan app that's not exist in Google play store . 

the Advantages and negatives of F-Droid : 

the best advantage of F-Droid that is have a large database of Deep world android application that never exist on any other Android application store ever , also all the application are FREE and easy to download and install , also , the F-Droid application always present the updates for your installed apps , also , you can select a category and explore apps , but the most awsome advantage of F-Droid app , is that the all application in F-Droid store are safe . 
in my openion , the only negative of F-Droid sotre , is that some application are not legal in some contry , so be careful when you try to install some application , you must be sure that your contry allow those kind of applications .

what is the difference between F-Droid and other Android Stores ?

there are a lot of Android stores ( i will give them to you at the end of this article ) , but F-Droid is the only store the present a prohibited apps of we can say Illegal apps , such as some applications that can broadcast some Pay channels , or Box office Movies .. So be sure that your contry allow this kind of apps befor you installed in your device . 

is there any other Google play store alternatives ?! 

actaully there is hundred and hundred of play store alternatives , but for me , the best are : 

                                               Download F-Droid 

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