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E-marketing with Twitter 2016

E-marketing with Twitter 2016
E-marketing with Twitter 2016: Did you know that in 2014, according to statistics Twitter is tensing up about 135 000 new Mstrtk a day, and the number of active users on Twitter 190 million people per day.

So is e-marketing with Twitter of the most important tools that significantly affect mail marketing to your site or your company you use and use it as the best so you can install your brand and increase the number of visitors to your site and increase the number of sales.

The basic elements for the success of e-marketing process via Twitter:

     Select the main goals of the marketing process via Twitter:
    It is likely to be the aim is to install and publicize the brand on Twitter or to be the achievement of a specified number of sales or Register to the mailing list to communicate with him later
     Identify target marketing campaign with Twitter clients slice:

    It can be targeted by country, age, interests or by language.
    Select the content and offers that will provide to your customers on Twitter
     Select the required financial budget for the implementation of e-marketing campaign with Twitter

 Effective ways to increase the interaction of followers on Twitter:

Mark Atawaith in the range of 110 Monogram:

Short tweets get more interaction by 17%, also facilitates Ritoat of followers process and to add their comments on Atawaith.
Add new Tweet throughout the day:

Twitter followers on Twitter activists are present daily in the range of 11 to 12 hours of the day, according to the local time to your followers from eight in the morning to seven in the evening interaction is increased by 30% at this time.

Tweets in vacations:

Vacations are not comfort to Twitter time if I wanted to get a reaction on public holidays or your company's schedule tweets and published in the most interactive appointments on Twitter from 8:00 to 19:00.

Pictures posted on Twitter:

Share photos on Twitter followers increase the interaction by up to only 150% Add a photo to Atawaith or Make it all is an image that contains the words that you want to reach your followers.

Ask followers Retweet work:

Retweet a request to cause embarrassment is not according to the website socialmediaexaminer.com, observers are doing Retweet those who request them to do so more than 12 times of those who did not ask do not miss all of this interaction, but do not make all tweets containing this matter so as not to Asim Mtabaok.

# hashtag use:

hashtag use doubles the proportion of interaction tweet hashtag is an invitation to interact as it makes all those interested in seeing your tweet.

Not too much so as not to hashtag spam is only two Wherefore per tweet enough to increase interaction.

Add external links:

Add your Links to external Atawaith this gives more credibility and increases the proportion of Ritoat even 86% compared Batawaitat that do not contain external links

Stay away completely from personal tweets:

Brands can not write Tweet pertaining to personal Hyaathm what matters followers corporate news is this company and what they offer products and what is new in its field and everything related to the company only.

Send Toath one to four per day:

There is a misconception that the more Posted Tweet more the greater the interaction, but the fact that many tweets and successive get less interaction and this is important for brands that wish to maintain the strength and Mtabaaha on Twitter.

Conclusion :

Twitter is one of the more famous social networking and widespread on the Internet, so you'll be exploited in e-marketing for your products and services to increase the number of sales and publicity of your sites.

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