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Dubai will become the smartest city in the world

 Dubai will become the smartest city in the world
 Dubai will become the smartest city in the world: The fifth summit of smart networks and smart meters scheduled to be held during the period between October / 28-29 October 2015 Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, a unique exhibition accompanying the conference combines smart grids and electric power bodies from all over the Middle East and North Africa.
And this exhibition will shed light on the conference and the issue of the application of smart grids in order to improve the use of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, and techniques of "man-machine-to-machine", renewable sources, and sustainable solutions backed by technology. This event will support the integrated and coordinated strategies that are needed in order to meet the goals of energy efficiency.
Said Dr. Nawal Al Hosni, director of sustainability management in the company, "the source": "with the expectation that the performance of smart grids an important role in opening up new prospects in the field of responding to the request and Options Power Management, it is encouraging to see Dubai is leading the way in terms of the actual deployment of these networks . Will be the installation of a total of one million meters of smart grids in the collection of apartments and villas across the emirate during the next five years by the Dubai Electricity and Water "Dewa body", with the presence of about 100 thousand smart meters already installed in the network right now. "
This was the "Dewa" have made three initiatives to support the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, and designed to make Dubai the smartest city in the world. These initiatives will provide better facilities will be published as more awareness among the citizens and residents of Dubai.
And it will bring together this conference and exhibition which enjoys the direct support of HE Suhail Mohammed Faraj Al Mazroui, Minister of Energy of the United Arab Emirates, key decision makers involved in the infrastructure facilities projects not only in the UAE alone, but also in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon and Egypt.
This contributes to the fifth Summit of smart networks and smart meters event and an exhibition of sustainable utility services in the Middle East play a key role in supporting the UAE's position as the agenda for all products and services related to energy and water center

This has to invite a number of government representatives from across the region staff to speak at the event, including Marco Christian Janssen as one of the active managers in the "Dewa"; and Scott Minos, Senior Policy and Communications at the US Department of Energy expert; and morning Mashaly First Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy Performance for the development of political and communication; and Mohammed Najib Building Technical Advisor to the President of the Qatar General Electricity and Water, as well as others
The exhibition, which will be held in conjunction with the conference about 30 exhibitors divided into four specific areas: smart grids, electric power, water, and waste solutions. The exhibition is expected to attract more than 1,000 trade visitors. This event and got the support of all: the Saudi Society for the industries of solar energy, the Council of the Emirates Green Building Council of clean energy industries, and open protocol smart grids.
This is sponsoring the following entities event: "Wipro", and "Needs", and "Petra" and "Sinensis", and "C ESI", and "C wealthy Energy," and "Ji three-PLC Alliance" and "Bayer", and "feed AC EMC," and "er The SES", and the Sharjah Electricity and Water.

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