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Drastic changes in the TV to attract viewers and increase profits

Drastic changes in the TV to attract viewers and increase profits: Has become the Middle East and North Africa represent a real and growing content market where competing pay-TV companies and free TV and offers added services to attract viewers and is seeking to increase their profits on the video content, but there is a question critical on how to achieve this, in spite of the various strategies that have begun In conformation, both here and in the region or in the more mature in Western Europe and the United States markets.

On this issue, he said Abdulaziz Alhlil Regional Director for firm IDC in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, "the means of social communication and customize the content has become one of the fundamental aspects of attracting young people who constitute a large class in Almntqh.utlab the ability to take advantage of customer data and analyzed accurately a key role, and enable service providers to customize the content of the offers they make through precise proposals and automatic directed viewers to individuals, on the advantages that prefer to watch them and that will not be able to watch them in the event of lack of access to the service. And achieved "the employment of the games in favor of action initiatives" Gamification success, and provided insights sophisticated clients and helped to understand the behavior of customers better. "

Alhlil He added that the viewing habits transmitted in the region on a regular basis from traditional TV sources over recent years, which is no longer the market is structured sweet watch live TV on the big screens, and became days sitting in the living room at seven and a half hours each evening to watch your favorite thing of the past, under the offer "TV everywhere", such as digital video recorders, and video services on demand options, and direct video platforms, which provide the ability to content consumption anywhere, any place and a decision by the viewer.

Alhlil indicates that the evolution of the behavior of the viewer, the attention turns significantly to the video content, under activate the service providers the ability to participate and interact with consumers. Moreover, many of the featured content services to competition launches in the Middle East, including the Go service from OSN, and service Anfishn of Saudi Telecom Company, and service Icflix, and service and service istikana.com StarzPlay. And it displays the providers of these additional services on-demand content without the need for ongoing subscriptions, and have the ability to make a significant change in the region, just like Amazon and Netflix in the ability of the United States.

He also confirmed that we will see Alhlil along with the emergence of digital advertising strategies in the region, where companies such as Du and Etisalat began experimenting with the deployment of dynamic ads DAI techniques in an attempt to make the best of advertising revenues across video content. Elsewhere in the region, was the introduction of new payment systems and innovative impact in helping to take advantage of the upcoming mega-customers in the Middle East and North Africa base, the base is not willing or are simply not able to pay for the service through traditional channels.

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