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Discovered gaps in the system iOS 9 and Earn $1 million

Discovered gaps in the system iOS 9 and Earn $1 million: Zerodium specialized company announced in the field of information security for an opportunity to earn a million dollars by the discovery of a loophole in the system iOS 9, which Apple describes as the most powerful operating system in the world in terms of safety.

The presentation temptation for hackers and researchers in this sector and to anyone who could break the protection system iOS 9 new discovery by the security loophole.

The company has offered up to $ million on the hackers, the company says the award will be available for only three winners where the company allocated $ 3 million in this regard, and that the challenge is open until 31 October.

And sells Zerodium company discovered gaps in the system to its customers specializing in defense, technology, finance and government institutions, which need to be permanent protection from zero-day flaws that need to be specific and specialized digital security capabilities of companies.

The reason for the large amount display done by the company for breach iOS 9 is a high level of protection and strong encryption in which it resides and that the company is working on the development and protection of the Apple system constantly.

The company announced that it must pass and penetrate particles within 9 iOS system such as ASLR and sandboxes and code signing and bootchains and should be able to get a penetrating powers of the distance and be able to install any application on any device holds the updated system iOS 9.

According to the words of the site should be to hack the process to be reliable and are remotely and silently and without the need for any intervention by the user, but the Web page pre-prepared porous or visit once read SMS.

The company clarified that "All requests must be made exclusively for the company Zerodium, and must include a way to exploit fully the gap and the source code, if any, technical and detailed document which describes all weak points and the techniques used to get to the result."

And it owns Zerodium Shawki Bikrar company, which was formerly headed by Vupen protection company and have been doing then discover you share free of charge, to the later selling

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