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Disclosure of the second generation of Moto 360 hours on September 8

Disclosure of the second generation of Moto 360 hours on September 8
The Lenovo publish propaganda image refers to the date of the launch of the second generation of Motorola Moto 360-hour conference, Lenovo has set the launch date, which will be held in Shanghai, China on September 8, and the image was accompanied by the announcement of the date of disclosure of the phrase "it's time".
In addition to the emergence of launch date confirms the picture published Declaration as well as the images that leaked over the past weeks and the existence of a new physical button on the frame time next to the site No. 2 in time, with the advent of time in the announcement golden pink color, is expected to come time additional colors such as silver and black.

According Report to the existence of two models of the time, as it comes style Moto 360S measuring 1.37 inch with a battery of 270 mAh capacity-screen TV, while model Moto owns 360L larger screen measuring 1.55 inches and a battery of 375 mAh capacity, with the availability of time a Chinese interface for the local market.
According to leaks to the presence of sports version of the time under work and that will come a hybrid screen to facilitate the vision and deal with the screen in the open air, in addition to it's waterproof, and has a global positioning system GPS, and measure atmospheric pressure barometer.
It is expected to be launched models 360L and 360 S in September, while the expected launch sports version of the second generation of an hour Moto 360 in November.
The Motorola company had unveiled the first generation of smart her watch Moto 360 in March 2014, and working time system Android ware Android Wear, and marked time appearance Classic, where it came to the structure of circular built of metal, with a metal belt or plastic, also appeared on the company's site.

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