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Coolpad announces Android phone priced at $ 50

Coolpad announces Android phone priced at $ 50
Coolpad announces Android phone priced at $ 50: Company "Coolpad" Coolpad Chinese announced on Monday for a new smart phone called "Rogge Kolbad" Coolpad Rogue, and runs the Android operating system, and the advantage of its price which does not exceed $ 50.

And it intends to "Coolpad" put the phone "Rogge Coolpad" Coolpad Rogue starting on September 30 / September through the United States mail your location, stores and through American telecommunications company "T-Mobile" T-Mobile.
With regard to the specifications, the new smartphone includes a processor cores quickly Tnaa 1.1 GHz, and GB of RAM "Ram", and 4 Jijaaitat of internal storage space expandable up to 32 Jijaaata.

And offers "Coolpad Rouge" Coolpad Rogue screen measuring 4 inches and accurately 800 × 480 in Kassala, and the camera accurately 2 background megapixel, Front and other precision "VGA" VGA, which supports fourth-generation LTE networks, runs a modified version of version 5.1 "Lollipop" from Android operating system.

The company is famous for its "Coolpad" Her phone as "Ivy Ki-1 mini" Ivvi K1 Mini, which announced last February and said he grabbed the title of the thinnest smart phone in the world, with a thickness not exceeding 4.7 millimeters

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