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Application VLC is coming to Apple TV device

Application VLC
 Application VLC is coming to Apple TV device
 Application VLC is coming to Apple TV device: It announced the organizers of the development application VLC to play audio and video files from the start in the development of a new version works with your Apple TV tvOS system in the new Apple tV.

Said Jean-Baptiste Kempf one application developers on the official blog that the working group is currently preparing the first version of the application to run on Apple TV. He added that the package VLC, which has been integrated with the operating system of Apple TV devices is still in the early stages but still managed to play a video clip.

The application VLC one of the best specialized in audio clips and video clips to run applications due to the support of a large group of Trames these files.

Oriented version of Apple TV devices are not considered in the first of its kind for these devices, where the company already launched officially compatible with a copy Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

VLC application offers a lot of features, most notably the possibility to download videos from the Internet or convert sections of a later to other later. You can also broadcast video or music on the Internet or a local broadcast Localhost to run on any device connected to the same network.

The "Video Foundation because" VideoLAN responsible for application development announced in the month of February of this year the launch of the new 2.2.0 version of the video player hers, VLC, for computers, in conjunction with the introduction of new versions of the software systems Windows RT and Windows iPhone and Android and iOS.

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