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Apple releases OS X El Capitan system free update starting today

OS X El Capitan
OS X El Capitan
Apple announced yesterday that the "OS X El Capitan"  which is the latest version of the desktop operating system has, will become available as a free upgrade for users of Mac computers starting from today Wednesday, September 30 / September 2015.

US company said the "El Capitan" Astgal features and design "OS X Iossimte system OS X Yosemite, and" live up the experience of the use of the Mac through updates in windows management, built-in applications, and search Spotlight, in addition to the performance improvements make everyday tasks such as running and switch applications and open more speed PDF files and e-mail response. "

Said Craig Federaja, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple: "El Capitan is working to improve the experience of using a Mac and improved performance for many small ways that are all together make a big difference. We have received positive feedback from our issuance of private beta of OS X, and we believe that customers will enjoy more with a Mac system with El Capitan. "

Apple explained that "El Capitan" provides ways and described as simpler and more intelligent of the tasks carried out by repeating the Mac. As Mission Control has become more streamlined to be allowed to see everything that is open on the Mac and arranged more easily.

The company said "by scrolling once, Mission Control regulates all the windows in a single layer to facilitate find the desired window quickly. When it becomes crowded desktop, just drag a window to the top of the screen to create a new space and distribution business. The new display is divided property put two windows side by side automatically in full screen mode to be able to work on the two applications without distracting your attention. "

Apple added that the search Spotlight become more intelligent in "El Capitan", as it can be used for stock prices, and the status of current and projected weather, and sports scores, tables and fixtures Standings, and even information on the players.

The company said that the built-in applications in the "OS X" has become better than ever. Since the browser "Safari" now contains the installed sites feature to keep the user's favorite sites open and active, button to mute the browser quickly from any tab.

It contains the application of E-Mail to smart suggestions that recognize the names or events in e-mail messages and offers the user the possibility to save in contacts or calendar with a single click feature.

You can also drag to delete messages the same way as "any or feed" system, and to work on several e-mails at the same time Mail put in full-screen mode.

In the Photos application, users become modified image capture, and change the description of a set of images at the same time site, and arrange albums in history or address, and upgrading to a new level to modify images Extensions external programs favorite photo editing can.

Apple said that the "El Capitan" contains a new application notes fully allows the user to drag the images and PDF files, video clips and other files and drop them to put it in a note, also it allows him to add directly from other applications content through the list of participating, such as Web Links from Safari and guidance access Maps application.

It can also create a check to the follow-up tasks lists, and thanks to the attachment browser, which ranks the attachments of messages in one location, the user can find what he wants super easily, according to Apple's expression, and the application of the "Aaclaud" iCloud synchronizes notes to be able to create one of its organs and edit or verified on another device.

The "OS X El Capitan system" as an update of the Free shop "Mac App Store" is available starting from Wednesday. As "El Capitan" supports all Mac devices in 2009 and beyond, and some models of 2007 and 2008.

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