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Apple publishes a solution to the problem in the system iOS update 9

system iOS update 9
Apple posted on its own knowledge base solution to the problem update to iOS 9 system, which was issued by his recent and complained about them a lot of users.

And it featured the phrase "scrolling modernization" Slide to upgrade the screen smart Apple hardware lock and especially iPhone 4S without the device never responds to the user when touching the screen to open the lock and the completion of the modernization process.

According to Apple to solve the problem that the user needs to connect the device to the computer and run iTunes program, then the device is selected from the list of connected devices and choose System Restore from backup Restore from Backup. In the absence of a device in the list of devices it can be restarted by pressing the power and home buttons at the same time for 10 seconds.

Apple said it is in the case of the lack of a backup on the computer can take one through iTunes before the restoration process, but in the case was the backup to iCloud, the part of the user data may be lost.

The only problem faced by the users during the update shall not be regarded as 9to5Mac site said that some users appeared to them a message failed to update after the launch of the system iOS 9 shortly but stopped appearing after that.

The system iOS reached 9 ratio to use 21% less than 72 hours upon its release, making it beyond the version iOS 8, which was launched last year and version 5 of the Android system.

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