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Apple launches officially watchOS system 2

Apple launches officially watchOS system 2
Apple launches officially watchOS 2: Apple launched officially watchOS system 2 smart for Apple Watch her hour after it was scheduled to be released on 16 September / September this.

The update size of 515 MB and the users can install smart time through open application time Watch inside the iPhone devices and then choose the year and finally General System Update Software Update to show the new version to download.

The new system offers a wide range of the most important independent software package launched by Apple, which allows developers to write applications for smart hours to fully functional after it was first applications in the iPhone version works with the help of mobile features.

The new system works very quickly when compared to the first version, it also provides features such as the integration of Siri fully inside, possibility of changing the design time applications and add icons to the main interface to operate it with ease.

Apple previously announced that watchOS 2 system will be available on September 16, the same launch date of iOS system 9, but the company decided at the last minute postponed because of a bug fix software requires a long time Hbasma the company announced last week.

And available hour Apple Smart officially in April / May of this year in three different colors are black, gray for hours made of aluminum, as well as a limited edition golden color made of 18-karat gold.

It is noteworthy that Apple recently revealed chromatin new hour, namely: the golden pink and gold, but the hours of factory structure of aluminum, will be available in new colors in the same regular colors prices, also added red belt color, dedicated to supporting AIDS patients in Africa.

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