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Apple acquires Mapsense specialized in the field of mapping company

آبل تستحوذ على شركة Mapsense المتخصصة في مجال الخرائط
Apple acquires Mapsense specialized in the field of mapping company
Apple acquired the start-up company specializing in the field of maps, is "Mapsons" Mapsense for $ 25 million.

The company specializes in "Mapsons", which was founded in 2013 in the area to take advantage of cloud computing to take large batches of interactive sites data to be converted to the data are included in the smart devices applications.

Apple did not in the details of the acquisition on the "Mapsons", after he published site "Rakod" Re / Code Technical Brha, but merely Babartha famous "buy Apple technology smaller companies from time to time, and we generally discuss our purpose or our plan."

Experts say that Apple may benefit from the acquisition of "Mapsons" to provide functions such as those provided by the "Louise" Waze, in its mapping service, such as providing users with real-time data traffic service.

In a related development, a subsidiary of Apple's mapping service had got updated with the new version of the ninth EOS system operator of smart devices company, which was launched on Wednesday a pan-users.

Maps service and became "any OS 9 system" - which informed the number of users facing problems during the install - support public traffic routes, you can now figure out a way to move from one place to another using the bus public transportation, subways, and conventional trains, in addition to the phrases rivers and seas.

The new feature supports more cities around the world such as Baltimore, Chicago, and New York, and Philadelphia, as well as San Francisco and Washington in the United States, as well as Berlin, London, and Mexico.

More than 300 city maps will also support the system in China with a complete navigation system, where China is the largest market for Apple products.

It also features offered by Apple Maps possibility of using the personal assistant of the Apple Siri to search for somewhere and accessed via the navigation system and audio step by step instructions that.

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