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Acer announces two phones smart guys system Windows 10 phones

Acer today announced the smart guys telephone system Windows 10 phones, as part of the activities of IFA Fair 2015 is currently taking place in the city of Berlin, it also revealed the two phones are similar to but Android system.

First the phone and called the Acer Liquid M330, which is running Windows 10 phones, and offers a screen measuring 4.5 inch accurately 854X480 pixels, with a quad-core processor from Qualcomm frequency of 1.1 GHz from MS Type 8909, with a random memory frequency of 1 GB, and memory storage of 8 GB.

The phone offers two cameras front and rear 5-megapixel accurately, and removable battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh, the company states that the ideal front camera to take pictures Alselva, supports fourth-generation phone networks, as Liquid Z330 phone comes with the same specifications. But with the Android system.

The Liquid phone M320 same previous phone specifications, but it works with a processor quad-core frequency of 1.1 GHz processor from Qualcomm but MS 8209 type, which is less performance than its predecessor, with front camera accurately 2-megapixel, but it supports third-generation networks only, unlike the previous phone which operates the fourth-generation networks, and Liquid Z320 offers the same specifications for Liquid M320 but running Android.

And it will be available by telephone Acer Liquid Z330 and Liquid M330 in the Middle East, Asia and Europe markets at a price of 129 euros, while Liquid phone will be available Z330 factor Android system in October, and will be available Liquid phone M330 system Windows 10 phones in the month of December, while the company did not give information on the launch and the price of a telephone Liquid Z320 and Liquid M320.

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