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5 Android applications to get daily Tech news

appy geek
5 Android applications to get daily Tech news

We all have Android Devices , if not , you really should get one :p , because today , and as we are addicted to Geek, IT, and Tech news , we need to get daily news and reports about all what heppen in this virtual world .. but it will be impossible to get some true and various daily news  using some websites , but using our android devices , it will be much easier to get those news as notifications in your device ... So , i want to present today the best 5 android applications that can provide us a daily Geek and Tech news . 

1 - Appy Geek : 

appy geek

Appy Geek application created specialy to get you in touche with all the Tech and IT news , it presented by News Republic , leader in Tech news , and why i choose Appy Geek the first Application in this article , that because it present a lot of various tech news , such as Android news , Windows News , Apple , Smartwatches , programmes and  Games news .. regardless of that , also Appy Geek give you a daily newsletter in your email daily , but I prefere to get  notification daily or hourly in my Android phone . 

2 - Flipboard : 


The most awesome thing in flipboard application , is that you can select your interest boards , like Android board or Windows board , and navigate the news of the selected board , if you prefere to get different you can navigate all the board at once , the other thing you must know about Flipboard application , that it give you evry minut and hour a lot of news , so you must login to the application frequently to be always in touche with Tech news . 

3 - Appy Gamer

Appy Gamer

Appy Gamer is the same at Appy Geek , actually they are from the same Company ( News Republic ) , but if Appy geek are interested in all the Tech and IT news , than Appy Gamer is created only for GAMERS , with Appy Gamer , all the Gaming news and release dates of games and other games news ( Like Nvidia news .. ) are published into Appy Gamer application , fortunately , Appy Gamer had the same algorithmes and styles of Appy Geek .

4 - Engadget


We all know the Engadget official website , Engadget is a website that present and post News , Reviews and research from the world of consumer electronics ( according the the description of the application in Play store ) , the engadget app is a simulation of the Engadget website , so using the app or the website will be the same , for me , i prefer using the website , in my openion the application of Engadget need more developping to be like appy Geek app or Flipboard app.

5 - HowToGeek

How To geek

HowtoGeek is the most famous website who provide us a lot of Tips and lessons and instructions to deal with this virtual world , i'm one of the biggest fans of HowToGeek website , he provide a lot of articles per hour , so , if you don't have the time to enter to the website and navigate the latest updates , you just have to download HowToGeek application and surf the latest updates from your device even if you are traveling or at work , or even at the bathroom :p .. 

there is a lot of applications that can give us a large updates daily such as News Republic , CNet , TED ... but i'm actually using thos 5 apps , so you should also use them :) .

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