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10 features Apple transferred from Android in the past year

Apple quoted the previous period many of the features of iOS and Android in an attempt to lure Android users and make them not be buying different Apple devices, whether iPhone or iPad.

We will give you on this subject 10 features Apple has Bnqlm of Android last year and during the current year.
-run two applications at the same time

Apple announced that the iOS 9 supports playback feature two applications at the same time on iPad devices and this feature found in Samsung and LG devices several years ago and has Badhavadtha Google crude version of Android with Android M
:Siri is becoming like the Google Now

One of the features of iOS 9 major developments introduced by Apple on the Siri voice assistant, as well as submitted to the Assistant Profile Proactive and who now will be able to integrate with applications and to make suggestions to you and this is done by Google Now for a long time.

3: Apple supports the transit maps such as Google Maps

Also features the iOS 9 new developments introduced by Apple on its maps, the most important is to support the transit, which will provide you the trains and buses and the underground movement dates are available in Google Maps Google Maps for a long time.

4: Videos run on a small screen

As well as the features of the iOS 9 feature Picture in Picture, which will be available on iPad devices and this feature allows you to zoom out so you can watch videos during what the something else on the device.

This feature has long been available in LG devices were made by the company in 2013 under the name QSlide when it announced G2 phone.

5: the iOS 9 will suggest applications Aaktd you need them

One of the advantages of PDA Proactive I will propose you install certain applications thought it would be helpful to you and that based on the applications installed on your phone and the music as well as run the application automatically when you connect the earphones to the phone.

Suggestion applications that may be helpful to you are available for some time in the Share Yahoo Aviate as well as feature phone HTC One M9 comes the advantage of providing applications that may be in need of them based on where you are.

6: Apple Bay and Google Wallet

One of the new features you add to Apple's own payment service Apple Pay with iOS System 9 is that the system will be able to store your credit cards in service, a feature available for some time in the Google Wallet service.

7: NFC Technology

NFC technology available for the first time in Apple's phones with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and can be used only to pay for their way through Apple Pay service.

NFC technology available in Android phones since 2012 and have more than one use these uses the possibility of transferring files between your phone and the other by touching only some.

8: Widget

Widget feature and known to Android users for some time and that provide you add a small card for any application on the Home Screen so as to be able to see the information on this application through this card.

Almost widget available in the Android feature since 2009 and has added Apple's iOS for the last year when it launched version iOS 8.

9: Paintings third party switches

Apple with the iOS 8 announced that the system has become supports the installation of third-party boards can change any keys panel Apple keys to any other keyboard'll find available on the App Store shop.

Android supports this feature for years.

10: access to Siri without touching the phone

With the iOS 8 became able to activate Siri Assistant voice without pressing buttons on the Home, through voice command Hey Siri.

This feature is available in the phone Moto X 2013 and was dubbed the Touchless Control and the name of this feature depends on the Google Now service and through it can activate Google Now without touching the phone.

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