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Why Needs a Scanner" Scan a Document to PDF With Your Android Phone

Why Needs a Scanner" Scan a Document to PDF With Your Android Phone

Of all the scanner android apps available, few are simpler and easier to use than PDF Scanner. Simply tap the screen to focus and scan, then send, save, or scan another page. Make sure to carefully frame and focus, though, as this $1.99 app doesn’t come with the cropping and editing tools its more expensive counterparts do.

Quick PDF Scanner Free (Android) - Scan, organize, share PDF docs ...

Droid Scan Pro PDF is another Android PDF scanning app that transforms your phone or tablet into a mobile scanner. The home screen of this app is a menu containing the following choices: Import, Capture, Scans, Settings, About, Feedback. Import is used for adding images from different sources. You can either choose files from Google Drive, Dropbox, or your device gallery. It supports turbo import wherein you can select many images at once. As its name suggests, Capture is where you can scan your paper documents. After taking a photo, the app automatically detects edges of the document to make it ready for cropping. Moreover, you can choose among low, medium, high and ultra resolutions.


Amarender Nomula Recent update ruined it The recent update has ruined the phone. Now the app stucks and unable to open. It's also talking a minute or so to open and use this app. If u could fix this issue I will surely give a 5 star vilas deshmukh such a Cool app Works too fine ,good taking of documents, doest blur even on shaking the phone. best app ever.it has got qc scanner in it A Google User A very good app to scan Documents I was surprised by the sharpness of the scan. Definitely, a better cam helps to capture the document. I wish the developer can add a functionality where in the actual size of the document can be captured. Ex scan-document type-capture. This will help in creating pdf of sizes close to original Palmetto NDN Update ruined it. From five stars and can't live without it to one star and worthless in one update. Lost premium status that I once had for being with them since development. Can't pay for individual faxes, have to subscribe. It's crap like this that angers consumers, being forced into unneeded package deals in which you will always get screwed. $50 per year? You've been hitting the freaking glass pipe, dude. Kenneth DuCharme Best Scanner App Hands Down This app is way ahead of all its rivals and the company also makes a business card scanner app as well. The OCR is top notch which allows you to reliably perform keyword searches on scanned documents. Antonio Mcgee The best for my business It has helped my business get to where I am today. It's very usefull. I have been able to do away with the clutter on my desk and free up alot of space in my file cabinets. I would recommend this to any and every one.

Tiny Scan Pro: PDF Scanner APK v2.1 Free Download - AppBalo

Much like any other popular Android scanner app, the interface is clean and simple. A button in the lower right corner allows you to shoot a new pic of the document you want to scan. In my case, I tried it with a grocery shop receipt. To my surprise, the app was not able to detect the corners of the receipt and auto-correct for perspective.

Tiny Scan is a free Android app that converts your smartphone or tablet into a document scanner. It has features like multiple scan modes to help enhance the images. The main user interface displays all the scanned documents. You have the option to select grid or list view. The images can also be sorted by date created or title. It has two buttons below, one for camera and the other for import. After scanning a document, the app smartly detects the edges of the page for cropping. Then, you have the option to select the page size you desire. Available page sizes are the following: letter, A4, legal, A3 and business card. Likewise, you can choose from color, black and white, and grayscale filters

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