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Micro Niche: What is micro Niche sites

What is micro Niche sites
The definition of the Niche

 What is micro Niche sites
It is a specialty site in a specific area and can not be varied field site which carries more than one area.

It is possible to put forward a blog on the Internet to talk and exchange of information on the area, such as news, but this is a very expanded field
And it includes other sub-sections such as News Sports, Art News, News Economy ... etc.

This will be difficult for you is through competition in an expanded field of competing with the huge size of the site in this area, which includes millions of locations
Here, I will ask you, and I advise you to minimize the area, including a so-called micro Nitsch Micro Niche.
How can I determine the specialization mini for my site!

Will explain to you if our targeting technology will encounter more than a mini areas included within this forest.
And will include an example of smart phones .. computer and laptop .. Altablat this is the least areas of competition for the forest but Mazlna in the degree of difficulty in the competition in the first hurry, we can pass inside of these areas but not smartphones Snsadv other areas Msgra within this area, such as: Forum phone your own themes .. .. Maintenance phones etc.
If the deeper we went over the piece until we reach the miniature field could be attributed very little competition and innovation that could help in this area

Niche positives choice for your website
You can create a unique code of the field did not bother him a Espqk to some extent you have to be nimble in the division of the broad areas to more areas of specialization and so on until you find a Niche is the Arab world, or at least not as strong competition.
It gives greater credibility to the Code For example, when specialize in a specific area you have the ability to know Baaah and depth which makes you better than you write good themes and thus gain the confidence of visitors in your experience and this is very important to gain followers loyal to your blog.

Things to consider before your choice of field of your Niche1. ContentIs your domain available on the large and renewed content? You should make sure your choice of Nis where you can write and many advanced topics in order not to arrive at what stage of your department to your site and can not find ideas for writing about or fall in error repetition of previous threads without even feel about it.2. What is the extent of my knowledge of this area of ​​the NicheYou should always write about the area in which you have information or you like to have no difficulty in writing topics and also in order not to lose its credibility Code. In the event that we can find the distinctive Nitsch and want to be written about it but you are not an expert in it, you can start by reading articles and books to know him more and then begin typing the threads around it but in your own words.3. What service provided by this areaIs Alnic your chosen one that meets the needs of the people? Are readers will benefit from threads started Stketbha in this area?These are the key questions you should ask yourself before your choice for Niche blog.Here we start we explained "How can I search for the Mirco Niche .. continued ExplanationTogether we will learn about research methods for finding the Niche and our selection of Micro niche we address it and start racing BloggingAnd we'll use the sitehttp://hubpages.comHubpages site is a site featuring millions of articles in the Sti areas we use today to enter its divisions and sail in the Micro niche inAfter we entered the site on your linkWe have the sections will show the areas we choose department also let it be Health
We will turn us into sections falling under the mother's Health Section, and shows p left List pal sub-sections as is evident
niche2 Micro Niche: What is micro Niche
And also choose to allocate less Let Diet and Weight Loss "weight loss", which also falls under Section motherland Health "Health"
We also have several sections will appear as clearly fall under Nitsch weight loss there are several sections mini sailing well also to Section tips for weight loss Diet Advice and Tips
 Here we've come to this area extremely smallniche Micro Niche: What is micro Nitsch, You can use the field in Arabic P is only a means to identify the disciplines and choose between them, and also includes numerical Hubpage of articles that you can read in this mini area so find out more about the field of your choice.Summarize what we got has been chosen field.Health »Weight loss» tips for losing weight.This explains to us that we all have been minimized Alnic all what proportion of your success in the selection and specialization in the area of ​​your site and will give you a chance to compete better access between rival among the millions of sites and violin I mentioned earlier in the selection Alnic features.And here we are done to determine the Niche and the Micro Niche "specialty site" and we will begin our next lesson, God willing, in the choice of scale "Domain Name" appropriate for the area and professionalism to benefit from the Expire Domains "domains ending" to take advantage of the SEO of these ranges.

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