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Huawei Nexus phone will come AMOLED screen from Samsung manufacturing

Huawei Nexus

Google has this year chanting Nexus us put them before the end of this year and one of the manufacture LG and the other from the manufacture of Huawei and we would have seen the previous period, the number of leaks for both phones most recently leaked specifications phone LG Nexus.

Today appeared new reports coming from South Korea suggest that the screens Huawei Nexus phone from Samsung will manufacture where Huawei and Google intends to rely on technology AMOLED screens come in Samsung's own phone Huawei Nexus.Report this afternoon confirmed that the Samsung began to send samples of AMOLED screens display the Chinese company Huawei to start the process of testing these screens for use in one of the company's phones, the report said Huawei requested more samples from Samsung screens.The report did not explicitly mention that Huawei Ststhaddam Samsung screens with Huawei Nexus phone, but the expectation that these screens will be used with a pilot who will be the next Nexus manufacture of Huawei and Huawei also may use these screens with a leading next phones.
Huawei Nexus phone will come AMOLED screen from Samsung manufacturing dalelak info on 7:15 م 5

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