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How to get motivated to work out

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how to stay motivated to work out
motivation to work out From the moment she rises, Kristina Monét Cox, 26, has exercise on the brain. That's because the first things she sees are her sneakers and workout clothes. "I've got them next to the bed in plain sight," says Kristina, the CEO of a communications firm in Houston. "I've also got dumbbells right where I can see them in the bathroom, and a balance ball, a yoga mat, and a jump rope strategically placed throughout the house." Forgetting to exercise is never her problem.

You will need An alarm Charged batteries Portable music player Sleep Friend Bath Journal Incentives Step 1 Plan ahead Plan your morning workout at night. Get your clothes ready, set the alarm, and make sure the batteries in any equipment you use are charged and ready. Load a portable music player with songs that get and keep you moving. Step 2 Sleep Go to bed early and get plenty of rest. Step 3 Work out with a friend Work out with a friend. You will be more motivated to get moving in the morning. Step 4 Remember how you feel Remember how good you feel after your workout, and how guilty you feel when you skip it. Step 5 Fill bathtub Promise yourself a post-workout bath. The faster you complete your workout, the sooner you will get to enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. Step 6 Set goals Set goals for yourself and track them in a journal. When you meet your goals, celebrate them with a massage, new pair of shoes, or by attending an upcoming event. For each mile you walk, you will burn approximately 100 calories.

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Set a goal for yourself. This can be at any point -- it doesn't have to be your end goal! If you want to work out twice a week, have a goal of two times a week -- simple. Then you can reward yourself after! If you want to run 10 miles (16 km) a week, have that be your goal. Smaller goals (rather than losing 50 pounds, say) bring the light at the end of the tunnel a bit nearer, making it more achievable. Sign up for a charity walk or run that will encourage you to train. Once you have a set date to work towards, you'll have a goal in mind while you're working out. The feeling of accomplishment after you're done will encourage you to sign up for another or to just continue being fit.

How To Get Motivated To Workout!

Reading a bodybuilding magazine, book, or website can keep you on track. The message boards are a great place where you can learn from others and make friends.

Taking a page from The Biggest Loser, Elizabeth Kirat, 35, and her friends are embroiled in a sweaty battle to see who can diet and exercise off the most weight. Every six weeks, they call the winner. "There's money at stake, but it's really the bragging rights that keep you returning to the treadmill," says Elizabeth, a photographer in Denville, New Jersey. So far she's dropped 10 pounds.

Eventually, this routine becomes so tied to your performance that by simply doing the routine, you are pulled into a mental state that is primed to perform. You don't need motivation, you just need to start your routine.

How to get motivated to work out

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how to stay motivated to work out
By the way, it probably hasn’t escaped your notice that you could apply this ingenious approach to other areas of your life. If you want to write a book, commit to writing a page a day or even just sitting down in front of your computer. If starting a side business, set the wheels in motion with an hour of planning or working on your project.

Why it works: Running, walking, or biking somewhere you have to go anyway makes exercise feel time-efficient. "And you don't have to carve out another part of your day for it," says Michelle Fortier, PhD, professor of health sciences at the University of Ottawa. "It's an effective strategy for people who are busy from morning to night."

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